Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Dream of Penis

Dear Dr. Roonie,

I learned about the blog "
overworked & underf*cked" from your blog. One of the regular features is Wednesday's installment of "Cockblogging Wednesday" What do women like about seeing a penis? What do you think when you see one?


Dear M.D.,

Your question is sound, but the answer is really quite simple in its reasoning. In short, what's not to like about seeing a penis? Of course, (straight) males can't quite grasp that seemingly fundamental concept, and I shouldn't expect you to be able to do so. So let's relate it to a matter with which you're more familiar.

For example, we women can't imagine why you would want to look at or why you would be so fascinated with heaping mounds of jiggly fat attached to our bodies. I mean, mammaries were designed to feed our offspring. We have ducts within that produce a fluid on which the young will suckle from our teet. How is that sexy or attractive in the least? And yet, you men have entire magazines and websites devoted solely to our breasts. You drool when a woman with a large rack crosses your path. And the first thing your hands and mouths search for when we are intimate with you are those breasts. It is inexplicable to us.

I think, in turn, the same logic can be applied to the viewing of a penis. It's not that the penis is beautiful - it most certainly is not - but it functions as an aphrodisiac of sorts. It reminds us of all the fun that we have while involved in activities with it, whether it be penetration, consumption, or just general entertainment. Looking at pictures of the male genitals stimulates our minds sexually, just as a female body part would do for you.

What do I think of when I see a penis? One word: yum.

Eat, drink, and be merry,
Dr. Roonie

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At Thursday, March 15, 2007 7:32:00 PM, Blogger Big Ben remarked:

I don't like to see penises. I am not a huge fan of vaginas either. however, I am obsessed with boobies!


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