Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Dream of Penis

Dear Dr. Roonie,

I learned about the blog "
overworked & underf*cked" from your blog. One of the regular features is Wednesday's installment of "Cockblogging Wednesday" What do women like about seeing a penis? What do you think when you see one?


Dear M.D.,

Your question is sound, but the answer is really quite simple in its reasoning. In short, what's not to like about seeing a penis? Of course, (straight) males can't quite grasp that seemingly fundamental concept, and I shouldn't expect you to be able to do so. So let's relate it to a matter with which you're more familiar.

For example, we women can't imagine why you would want to look at or why you would be so fascinated with heaping mounds of jiggly fat attached to our bodies. I mean, mammaries were designed to feed our offspring. We have ducts within that produce a fluid on which the young will suckle from our teet. How is that sexy or attractive in the least? And yet, you men have entire magazines and websites devoted solely to our breasts. You drool when a woman with a large rack crosses your path. And the first thing your hands and mouths search for when we are intimate with you are those breasts. It is inexplicable to us.

I think, in turn, the same logic can be applied to the viewing of a penis. It's not that the penis is beautiful - it most certainly is not - but it functions as an aphrodisiac of sorts. It reminds us of all the fun that we have while involved in activities with it, whether it be penetration, consumption, or just general entertainment. Looking at pictures of the male genitals stimulates our minds sexually, just as a female body part would do for you.

What do I think of when I see a penis? One word: yum.

Eat, drink, and be merry,
Dr. Roonie

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Have you an ailment?

Let Dr. Roonie ease your pain! Ask me anything, I'll do my best to solve your woes. Traumas via e-mail only. E-mail me your queries at Anonymity will be preserved, although I reserve the right to be brutally honest, especially if you've been a complete and utter wanker.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Rent-Controlled Fever

Dear Dr. Roonie,

Doctor, I read that temporary insanity can be a good thing, when you are trying to find a rent-controlled apartment. Is that true?

Insanity for Rent

Dear Insanity for Rent,

I'm going to need more information from you, it seems, dear reader. How do you define "sanity" and "insanity" in this context? Are you pulling drive-bys on the current wrinkled occupants of said rent-controlled abodes? Picnicking with them and powdering their strawberry-filled crepes with arsenic? Donning your night-vision goggles and staking out the property for any sign of relinquishment? If any of these strategies describe your general method, I'm going to have to disagree with the advice your received regarding temporary insanity, unless you'd like to see yourself in a different kind of rent-controlled dwelling: the lovely, government-controlled jail cell. I mean, you could equate the experience to'll definitely be getting roommates you didn't bargain for! But trust me, the view will be better if you just put the rifle down and maybe do some weapons-free research by becoming familiar with the town and the townies on foot. I am a firm believer in the "it's all about the people you know" brand of dogma. See what you can turn up that way, and then get back to me if you're unsuccessful. I might be able to advocate the use of laughing gas, at least.

Eat, drink, and be merry,
Dr. Roonie

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Woes from a Long Dong Schlong

Dear Dr. Roonie,

I've got a cock the size of my femur. (I'm 6'3".) I have trouble finding underwear that doesn't cut off circulation or shorts that are long enough to prevent "an uninvited guest" from peeking out when wearing boxers. What do I do?


Big Man on Campus

Dear Big Man on Campus,

Aside from coming over to my apartment in between classes and turning me into a human lollipop (for experimental purposes only, of course), I have a few suggestions:

  • Visit your local urologist. He may recommend that you have it surgically shortened (although do take note of the gleam of envy in his eyes when he examines you).

  • Start wearing skirts with one of those nets from lacrosse sticks sewn underneath. Your reputation will precede you, solely by the fact that you'll be wearing a skirt for one reason, and one reason only (and it ain't for getting a breeze up in there, which can ONLY improve your sex life).

  • Remember inner tubes? And some of them had little cartoon character heads? Wrap yours around you like an inner tube; maybe cover it up with one of those cute little scarves from Old Navy or something. No one will notice.

  • Put it in a ponytail. Or pretend you've dressed up as a tiger for the day and let it hang out a hole that you cut out in the seat of your pants. Think about all the fun you could have with that option!

  • Don't wear underwear or boxers at all, and tuck it down your pantleg. Invest in some Sean John leg attire; you'll pull it off just fine.

  • Everyone likes a cowboy. Use it as a lasso and just wait, you'll start a new trend on campus in no time.

  • If worse comes to worse, you can always go into porn. No one wears clothes in porn, like, ever.
Eat, drink, and be merry,
Dr. Roonie

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Procrastination v. Productivity

Dear Dr. Roonie,

I think I may have a mental problem. For relatively long periods of time, I can go to work and get alot done, and enjoy doing it all. Work is fun and it is very satisfying to see progress on the various projects I work on.

My problem is that between these periods of productivity, I have significant (sometimes lasting a month or so, but usually less time than that), I go into a "funk." By that, I mean I can't get anything done; I have no motivation; I delay, procrastinate, and do the absolute bare minimum to eek by without any noticing I'm really not doing anything (hopefully).

What's my problem, and how do I fix it? BTW, I'm a lawyer.

I'm Soooooo Funked Up

Dear Funked Up,

Being a law student, I can sympathize with your cyclical enthusiasm. It is incredibly frustrating when the work is there, but the motivation isn't. That can lead you to sink further into your funk, wondering when you'll ever be productive again.

My advice is to break away from the work completely for awhile. You can't be expected to operate at full throttle 100% of the time. Do the minimum that is required to get by, and reinvigorate YOURSELF. Sit down with a Newsweek, find yourself an awesome new CD, or get out to the gym and, instead of participating in monotonous activities, try playing squash or swimming or get into a karate class. You need to refresh your spirit, your energy, and your vigor for life in down times such as the ones you experience. Go out and commiserate with friends, eat some food you really like. It's like taking a few hours of vacation each day. You'll be surprised as to what it'll do for your psyche.

Hope that was good. I feel ya, dawg.

Eat, drink, and be merry,
Dr. Roonie